Donati Palace

The building, most probably constructed between the end of XVII and the beginning of XVIII century, has four levels. The main façade is characterised by the portal made of local limestone and by a little balcony with curved wrought iron balusters and the flagstone in green marble of Gimigliano.
On the portal, we find a small marble coat of arms, which nowadays is worn-out and consumed, probably featuring the heraldic symbol of the Donati family.
The side façade is characterised by a loggia supported by arches.
The balustrade, formerly made of bricks (as we can see in some photographs of the beginning of 20 th century), was later rebuilt during the ‘40s using small concrete pillars.
The upper floor has some wrought iron balconies alternating framed windows similar to the ones of Palazzo Schettini.
In the central part of the loggia, an icon painted on zinc sheet stands out, featuring Our Lady of the Snows, the patron saint of the town.
Inside the palace, there is a cabinet altar complete with the sacred furnishings: missal, chalice, altar cards, paten, ciborium, cope, chasubles, small statues and sacred images, all dating back to the end of 18 th century.