Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Ad Nives)

The church is located in the highest part of the historic town centre, in front of the feudal castle. Built during XII century as an Italian-Greek or Basilian church, in XIV century the church was dedicated to Our Virgin of the Snows.
Formerly having a single nave, with the bell tower on the roof ridge, during XVIII century the church was expanded with the construction of the lateral naves, the choir stall, the sacristy and the new tower bell.
The façade in Romanesque-Renaissance style has projecting frames made of limestone extracted from the mount of Tiriolo; enriched by the presence of the main portal surmounted by a decorative triangular pediment made of green marble of Gimigliano decorated in floral patterns.
Inside the church, the two lateral naves are divided from the central nave by some arches based on massive pillars with Corinthian capitals.
In the lateral naves, there is still the mosaic cocciopesto floor made of white, pink and green stone of Gimigliano.
The main altar is made of stucco, painted imitating the precious inlaid marble of the Neapolitan-style altars. Two items worth of attention are the wooden crucifix in Sicilian style, dating back to XV century, that was kept in the convent church of Holy Mary of Grace, and the fine wooden statue of Our Lady of the Snows, patron saint and protector of Tiriolo, valuable sculpture in Neapolitan style of XVIII century, recently restored.