Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden of Tiriolo was created in 2015 and covers a surface of about 2,000 square metres. It is located close to the main square of the town, in the area anciently occupied by the gardens cultivated by the Benedictine monks of the near convent of Holy Mary of Grace. Its paths follow the natural conformation of the soil, lying on the terraces built in the past, facing the Gulf of Squillace and the Ionian
Due to its central position in the territory, it has soon become an important meeting and refreshment point for citizens and tourists.
Crossed by pathways and educational tours enriched with illustrative tables, it contains some typical species of the native Mediterranean scrubland. In the plain areas, there are small pitches equipped with playgrounds for children, benches and fountains. At the base, there is a small three-a-base football pitch.
In addition to samples of the local flora, there are some characteristic human-like geological formations coming from Rocca Falluca and a stone millstone coming from an ancient abandoned olive oil mill in the area of Soluri. In a shaded resting area, there is a mural painting representing Ulysses’ trip towards the land of the Phaeacians.